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Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit flavored carbonated drink

Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit flavored carbonated drink

Ocean Bomb

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Come si usa?

Usare "Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit" è un'esperienza esotica e sorprendente! 🌴🥭🥤 Ecco come puoi farlo:

1. **Apri e Scopri il Potere:** 🌟 Apri la lattina di "Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit" e lasciati avvolgere dall'aroma esotico.

2. **Sorseggia con Passione:** 😋 Gusta il sapore del frutto della passione, come se tu stesso fossi un guerriero in allenamento!

3. **Energia Esotica:** ⚡ Sorseggia durante momenti in cui hai bisogno di energia e freschezza. Senti il potere del Golden Frieza in ogni sorso.

4. **Momento Dragon Ball:** 📺 Goditi la bevanda mentre guardi Dragon Ball Super. Sarà come unire le forze con Golden Frieza!

5. **Scorri verso la Vittoria:** 🏞️ Immagina di sfrecciare attraverso le avventure di Dragon Ball mentre sorseggi il frutto della passione.

6. **Condivisione Guerriera:** 👥 Condividi con altri fan di Dragon Ball. Sarà un'esperienza da guerriero da condividere!

7. **Bevanda da Collezione:** 🛋️ Aggiungi la lattina alla tua collezione Dragon Ball. Ogni sorso sarà un passo verso la tua trasformazione!

8. **Potere Rinfrescante:** ❄️ Rinfrescati con il frutto della passione e sentiti pronto per qualsiasi sfida come un vero guerriero.

9. **Avventura Esotica:** ✈️ Immagina di viaggiare verso luoghi esotici mentre gusti il sapore di "Golden Frieza Passion Fruit".

10. **Sorriso di Frieza:** 😄 Sorseggia con un sorriso, immaginando il Golden Frieza che approva il tuo gusto epico!

In breve, "Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit" è un'avventura esotica in ogni sorso. Lasciati trasportare dalla passione e dal potere di Dragon Ball! 🌴🥭🥤🐉

Ingredienti e Valori nutrizionali

Ingredients: Carbonated water 91.73%, fructose, sugar, flavourings, acidity regulator: E330, E331.

Nutritional values per 100: energy 112 kJ/27 Kcal, lipids 0g (of which saturated fats 0g), carbohydrates 6.8g (of which sugars 6.7g), proteins 0g, salt 0.02g.

Descrizione Prodotto

Welcome to the world of Ocean Bomb Golden Freezer Passion Fruit! This delicious carbonated drink is the latest addition to Ocean Bomb's Dragon Ball collection and delivers an explosive passion fruit flavour. Packaged in a handy 330ml bottle, this special edition lets you enjoy the unique and refreshing taste of passion fruit wherever you go. Ocean Bomb is a well-known American beverage brand that has won the hearts of many anime and manga fans around the world. Their collaboration with Dragon Ball, an iconic anime series, has resulted in the creation of exciting and unique beverages such as the Golden Freezer Passion Fruit. The combination of a tasty passion fruit with a carbonated drink creates an unparalleled flavor experience, perfect for quenching your thirst and giving you a moment of pure pleasure. With Ocean Bomb Golden Freezer Passion Fruit, you will be able to enjoy the exotic and fruity taste of passion fruit, enriched with a pleasant effervescence. Sip this refreshing drink on a hot day, or enjoy it with your favorite meals. Not only will it delight you with its flavor, but also with its vibrant Dragon Ball-inspired packaging, which will make every moment of consumption a fun and engaging experience. Order Ocean Bomb Golden Freezer Passion Fruit now on Berfud and savor fruity, refreshing perfection in every sip. Hurry, because this special edition is only available for a limited time. Don't miss the opportunity to try one of the most exclusive drinks in the Dragon Ball collection and find out why Ocean Bomb has become synonymous with taste and quality in the world of American drinks.

Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit flavored carbonated drink

    • Nome Originale: Ocean Bomb & Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza-Passion Fruit
    • Origine 🌎 :Korea
    • Peso netto ⚖️: 330 g
    • Brand : Ocean Bomb ®️
  • Ocean Bomb Golden Freezer Passion Fruit is an irresistible carbonated passion fruit drink from the Dragon Ball collection by Ocean Bomb. Enjoy the fruity and refreshing taste of this 330ml special edition. Order now from Berfud, your source for the best American products in Italy!

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