Collection: Pancakes & Syrups

Let's talk about simple, easy, and quick-to-cook pancakes.

At Berfud, we offer products that combine the undisputed culinary tradition with modern innovation. These ready-to-use pancake mixes are available in various formats: plain pancakes, almost ready-made options from the supermarket, and even protein pancakes. Cooking original American pancakes like a true chef is now easier than ever before.

When we talk about pancakes, we're referring to the ultimate breakfast treat. Preparing pancakes has never been easier, thanks to the American products available at Berfud. We're not talking about pre-packaged pancakes, but rather pancakes that you'll make yourself, ensuring you have a great pancake batter and excellent product quality. Pancakes can be made in various ways, adding 2 or 3 ingredients. Typically, you'll find pancakes made with eggs and flour, pancakes made with all-purpose flour and milk, or pancakes made with eggs, flour, and water.

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When to eat pancakes?

Pancakes are strongly recommended for diets during breakfast: rich in protein and tasty, they will give you the right energy to face the day.

Are pancakes protein?

Pancakes are protein and allow you to fill up by giving you the right calorie intake to get you through to lunch.

How do you eat pancakes?

On pancakes you can also add fruit, including banana, strawberries and blueberries, making them tastier and one of your choice.

How many calories do pancakes have?

This delicious breakfast doesn't have very many calories, as long as you make pancakes without butter.

Eating 3-4 pancakes, the perfect number for a balanced diet will contain around 150 calories per serving.