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Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka

Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka

Laffy taffy

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Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka su

  • Discover the irresistible sweetness of Wonka's Laffy Taffy Grape Gummies. Enjoy the authentic grape flavor in every bite. With no artificial flavors, these American candies are the perfect sweet snack to satisfy your cravings for sweetness. Experience Wonka's unique taste with Laffy Taffy Grape. Find it at Berfud !

    • Nome Originale: Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka
    • Origine 🌎 :USA
    • Peso netto ⚖️: 23 g
    • Brand : Laffy Taffy ®️
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Ingredienti e Valori nutrizionali Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, palm oil, acidity regulator E296, emulsifiers E471-E322, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, salt, artificial flavors, colors E129-E133. Contains GMOs.

Nutritional values (per 100g): calories 349kcal, total fat 6.6g (saturated fat 4.4g), total carbohydrates 78.6g (sugar 48g), protein 0g, salt 0.4g.

Come si usa Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka?

Gustare la dolcezza del "Laffy Taffy Grape Rope Wonka" è un'esperienza divertente e gustosa! 🍇🍬 Ecco come farlo:

1. **Apri e Scopri:** 🍬 Tira via l'involucro e scopri la divertente forma a corda del Laffy Taffy Grape.

2. **Sorso dopo Sorso:** 😋 Mordi o stacca piccoli pezzi e assapora il delizioso gusto dell'uva.

3. **Divertimento da Masticare:** 🕺 Masticare il Laffy Taffy è parte del divertimento - senti come si ammorbidisce mentre lo gusti.

4. **Condivisione Gioiosa:** 👥 Condividi con amici e familiari per regalare loro un sorriso dolce.

5. **Picnic e Passeggiate:** 🌳 Porta il Laffy Taffy Grape Rope con te per un'esplosione di dolcezza in ogni momento.

6. **Dolce Energia:** ⚡️ Goditi il Laffy Taffy come un dolce ricaricante durante le tue giornate.

7. **Dolce Creatività:** ✨ Usa il Laffy Taffy per creare divertenti forme o giochi mentre lo mordi.

8. **Sfida al Gusto:** 👅 Scopri i diversi strati di sapore mentre lo sorsi lentamente.

9. **Dolce Pausa:** ☕ Concediti una pausa e sorseggia il tuo Laffy Taffy Grape Rope con una bevanda calda.

10. **Sorrisi Zuccherati:** 😄 Concludi ogni morso con un sorriso, sapendo di aver scelto un dolce pieno di divertimento e bontà!

In breve, il "Laffy Taffy Grape Rope Wonka" è il compagno perfetto per momenti di dolcezza e allegria. Mordi, stacca e goditi un'esplosione di gusto d'uva in ogni morso! 🍇🍬 #LaffyTaffyGrapeRope #DolceDivertimento

Descrizione Laffy Taffy Grape rope Wonka

Wonka's Laffy Taffy Grape Gummies are a real treat for grape lovers. These tasty candies deliver an intense burst of grape flavor in every bite. The soft and chewy texture will win you over, as you enjoy the authentic fruit flavour. One of Wonka's defining characteristics is the commitment to authenticity of flavours. Laffy Taffy Grape are made without the use of artificial flavors, ensuring a natural and pleasant taste experience. Each candy is a small work of art that combines the sweetness of grapes with the impeccable quality of gummies. Wonka is a legendary brand in the candy world, with a reputation for limitless innovation and creativity. Founded by the famous Willy Wonka, this American brand has carried on its bold and adventurous spirit, creating unique products that are appreciated all over the world. Laffy Taffy Grape gummies are the embodiment of this magic. Each pack is an invitation to immerse yourself in Wonka's fantastic world, where tastes blend with imagination. Enjoy the pleasure of authentic sweetness and experience the joy of a one of a kind candy. Satisfy your craving for sweetness with Wonka's Laffy Taffy Grape Gummies. With their authentic grape flavor and brand-guaranteed quality, these candies are the perfect gift for yourself or to share with friends. Discover Wonka's unique taste and let yourself be captivated by his endless magic.

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