Collection: Takis chips

Takis are crunchy snacks in the shape of spicy corn curls with a chilli and lime flavour. The most famous is the Takis Fuego, but now there are many other flavors of takis, in different levels of spiciness, you can find many flavors, here in Berfud. Takis fries offer you the opportunity to test your intensity with the hotness thermometer. enjoy these snacks!

  • What do takis taste like?

Takis chips taste like corn and chilli chips.

Tastes can have different tastes depending on the type of takis.

  • Are takis spicy?

Takis are known to be spicy, so the answer is YES!.

You can choose the level of spiciness according to your taste.

  • Aree takis Halal?

TAKIS chips do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are suitable for vegetarians. Though at present, we have no evidence to classify TAKIS chips as haram.

  • Are there takis chips in Italy?

You can find Takis paratines in Italy at WWW.BERFUD.COM.