Collection: Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy è un energy drink prodotto dalla Monster beverage; commercializzato inizialmente negli USA e in seguito anche in paesi europei. è la bevanda energetica preferita di tutti gli amanti dello sport. scopri qui tutti i sapori di questa famosa bevanda energetica

Monster Energy is an energizing drink that will help you recover your energy in times of decline.

Below is information about rare Monsters and unobtainable Monsters:

Spreading Monster Energy

The Monsters appeared on the market for the first time in 2002, first in America, then spreading like wildfire in all other parts of the world. Energy drinks in some cases have the task of replacing coffee. Many people, to avoid taking too much direct caffeine, resort to using Monster in order not to suffer all the contraindications of too much caffeine intake. The Monsters can be used by those who have to face an intense study session, a trying job, physical exercise. It is the typical drink that is taken when you have to face a steep mountain to climb. If you want to reach the top, Monster is the ideal ally.

Tastes Monster

There are many Monsters in the world, in some cases we can find the same Monsters but in different versions, such as the Ingese and American versions. It ranges from Monster Ultra Red, Monster Waermelon, Monster Ultra Gold, to Monster Java. You can find the simple taste of ginseng, passing through fruit flavors such as watermelon, pineapple, peach, up to the slightly sweeter flavors such as chocolate, caramel and coffee.

How to create a Monster collection?

There are often conflicting ideas about the Monster collection: those who prefer to collect them unopened and those who prefer to drink them and then keep them. A debate that has been going on since the Monster came out on the market.

Monster Rare Collection:

Which Monsters are rare?

Here is the list of the rarest Monsters in the world!:

  • Monster Energy Ultra Paradise.
  • Monster Energy Mutant.
  • Monster Energy Ultra Blue.
  • Monster Energy Espresso.
  • Monster Java Swiss Chocolate.
  • Juice Monster Pipeline Punch.
  • Monster Energy Ultra Sunrise.

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Can't find the Monster you are looking for?

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Does monster energy hurt?

Monster one of the best known energy drinks in the world is undoubtedly a carbonated energy drink. Consequently if we ask ourselves if the Monster energy fame? the answer is no! just don't overdo it, even if we understand that it's not easy.

When to drink Monster Energy?

The actual work of the Monster is to bring energy to our body.

Consequently the monster will help us in the most difficult moments such as:

  • During sports
  • In the study session for university exams
  • If we feel low on energy during the day.

Monster energy drink Americano, Monster energy drink special edition.